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A Toto Washlet toilet offers all the advantages of a regular toilet, including comfort and sanitary features. However, in this article, you will be enlightened on how to clean a Toto Toilet, please keep reading.

We all desire a sanitary, germ-free environment, and restrooms are no different. If you recently installed a Toto Toilet in your home, you must know how to clean it.

Toto Toilets are one-of-a-kind Japanese toilets. This toilet promotes good hygiene, and the pleasant sounds of singing birds mask the toilet noise.

You must first acquire knowledge on how to clean toiletries before installing them in your home.

how to clean a toto toilet

Are Toto Toilets easy to clean?

Can Toto Toilet clean on its own? Yes, the Toto Toilet can self-clean.

Even better, their ceramic is specially glazed, which makes it easy to clean, all you need is a microfiber cloth.

The Toto Toilet can be cleaned much more quickly and easily, how well a Toto Toilet cleans itself is amazing.

Instructions for cleaning your Toto Toilet

There are a few steps you need to consider when cleaning a Toto Toilet.

It is recommended to gather all cleaning supplies (such as a toilet bowl cleaner, toilet brush, washing gel, protective wears, sponge, toothbrush for cleaning the toilet filter, and so on), before starting to clean. Learn more about the right cleaning tools.

Putting on your rubber gloves and apron

Your top priority should be keeping yourself safe. You should consider wearing rubber gloves and an apron for protection before starting to clean the commode.

The use of hand gloves would help to prevent direct contact with microbes and germs when washing the toilet. So, it is important to put on protective wear, not just for a Toto Toilet but for every type of toilet.

Scrub Toto Toilet’s interior

Start scrubbing the toilet with a brush and warm water. Pour the hot water out of the toilet. The Toto Washlet filter should be cleaned with a toothbrush.

Clear all debris in the area at least 2-3 times. Once you have completed the exterior of the Toto Toilet, move on to the interior, and wash with hot water. Never clean the plug with a wet cloth.

Clean Toto Toilets’ surroundings

Once you’re done with the interior, keep going and focus on the surroundings because bacteria may gather there and propagate, clean a Toto Toilet’s outer area also, and the toilet bowl.

Use a piece of cotton swab or toilet brush to clean the inside of the Toto Toilet. Use a toilet brush (no metal holding the bristles that will rust and scratch the Toto Washlet).

Remove everything from the space surrounding your commode, including any toys, tissue boxes, decorative items, and waste particles, so as to, keep the surroundings clean before cleaning the toilet.

Use a germ-killing spray and a soft cloth to gently and individually wipe off each part of the Toto Toilet to have a clean Toto Toilet.

Now spray some anti-bacterial spray on the toilet bottom. Completely scrub the region with a brush, and then dry it.

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Remove every stubborn stain and smells and apply a deodorizer

Like other toilets, the dirtiest part of the toilet is the space between the basin and the lid. Borax and vinegar should be combined in the toilet basin. Purchase a top-notch toilet cleaner.

You can use a mix of water and bleach to assist with any difficult-to-remove stains or odors in the Toto Toilet.

With this mixture, dampen a few paper towels, then wring them out until they are damp but not dripping.

After that, cover the stains or odors with paper towels and wait for about 15 minutes. It is a quick remedy that can easily be done, such as by combining vinegar and baking soda.

Use this mixture or go with more expensive commercial products to assist with stain removal.

Next, add some baking soda to the toilet bowl’s draining region. Then add sufficient vinegar to create a slurry. After about 20 minutes, let this sit before flushing the toilet to get clear of it and to have a clean Toto Toilet.

This process is optional, but we strongly advise it to keep your Toto Washlet smelling great in between cleanings.

Use a toilet bowl cleaner or a diluted kitchen cleaner to clean the interior. And if you want a really thorough cleaning, make sure you clean every last bit of the toilet bowl to have a clean Toto Toilet.

Is my Toto Toilet self-cleaning?

Before and following each use, the gadget automatically cleans itself with EWATER+.

The fact that Toto Toilet Clean itself helps to ensure continuous hygienic conditions.

A self-rinsing Toto Washlet enhances daily life. Toto Toilets consist of an abrasive ceramic material layer that, even when flushed, is microscopically at risk of gathering germs and debris.

Toto Washlet hard water is then mixed with hydrogen chloride water which is antibacterial to break down waste. It’s a great environmentally friendly function.

Toto pans are designed and made in a way that produces a water vortex, tornado flushes are also an option. Because they have a glaze on top, Toto pans are a type of Cefiontect toilet.

This whirlpool cleaning system spins and gets rid of all debris. It cleans the pan and gets rid of any trash that is collected or accumulated. These components make Toto Toilets affordable and guarantee that the toilets themselves are sanitary.

Therefore, even though Toto is working hard to reduce waste buildup due to the presence of cutting-edge and amazing flushing technologies, you must still be aware of the best ways to maintain a clean Toto Toilet.

You should have your Toto Washlet fixed if it isn’t working correctly and isn’t self-cleaning. Once it’s been recovered, you won’t need to exert additional effort to thoroughly clean and maintain it.

Typical problems with clean Toto Toilet seat

Your Toto Toilet clean seat may experience a variety of issues, but the following are the most typical ones:

It’s possible that the seat’s mounting fasteners are not tight: if so, you can make them a little tighter to prevent any slipping when nature calls late at night.

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If the toilet flap has become damaged or deteriorated over time, it may need to be changed.

You should be able to repair whatever is wrong with your Toto Toilet seat by unscrewing the old flap and then screwing on the new one, as long as you have a replacement for it.

These replacements are typically affordable and are available online or at nearby hardware shops.

How do you remove mineral deposits from the Toto Toilet?

Use a commercial cleanser according to the instructions on the package. However, there are other, more natural options you can use that you likely already have at home:

Vinegar and baking soda and the use of a soda drink

Pour one or two cups of vinegar and a few sprinkles of baking soda into the toilet basin.

After a few minutes of brushing the solution around the basin, allow it to sit for about 15 minutes.

Wipe the surface with a brush.

Try adding some lemon juice to help dissolve the remaining discoloration if this doesn’t completely get rid of it. Restart the water supply, flush it, and continue cleaning if required.

Once it has been emptied, fill it with a soda drink. The soda’s acids aid in removing the spots, and allow it to rest all night. The following day, flush and start working on the now-loosened spots with your damp sponge or brush.

Can you put bleach in a Toto Toilet?

No, you shouldn’t place bleach in a Toto Toilet because it might harm the fill valve, flapper, flapper chain, seal, and other parts of the Toto Toilet.

In addition, the maker does not advise using bleach on a Toto Toilet, it could void the warranty. To ensure proper toilet maintenance, it is best to use a Toto-recommended cleaner or cleanser, this will help you achieve a clean Toto Toilet.

Because Toto toilets are high-end and have a variety of features, proper care and maintenance are especially important.

It’s crucial to contact Toto Toilet officials directly or a qualified plumber who is familiar with their products if a problem occurs.

What you should not do?

Avoid flushing bleach down the commode. It can harm a septic system and might not remove the stain. And never, ever combine ammonia and bleach.

The ensuing fumes can cause respiratory tract irritation and even be deadly. Avoid using anything metal or very rough when cleaning.

Everyone seems to concur on one thing, which is that you might need to use your stain remover more than once.

If you persist, you can get the spots out.

Is the Toto Toilet easy to install?

It is fairly easy to install a Toto Washlet if you have some plumbing knowledge and have installed toilets before. In this case, Toto Washlets would be easier for you to install.

You’ll need an electric pump, which is included in the package, if you don’t already have one, ask your community hardware shop for one.

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The system also comes with very detailed installation directions, and Toto Toilets even provides several installation tutorial videos.

How often should my Toto Washlet be changed?

You can expect your Toto Washlet to be in working order for at least eight years or more because, as was already mentioned, it is designed to last for years.

However, as soon as this window of time has passed, you should start thinking about updating your tools.

If you need more information, you can contact customer service or discover instructions for doing this here. Keep in mind that a Toto Toilet may cost more to buy than some other toilets, so keep that in mind as well.

Is it Toto Toilet worth spending on?

It is worth spending on, especially for those that live in a cold country and are constantly in a cold season. This is because the toilet seat has a warm and heating effect, which makes it comfortable for people to use during winter. Most of the restrooms in Japan have this type of toilet.

Although Toto Toilets cost more, you get a high-quality item that will last for many years. If you are experienced with installing pipes and know how to install things like this, you can still save funds on Toto Toilet installation.

If not, we advise consulting a professional due to the chance that pipes will be installed incorrectly.

However, before making your choice, weigh the costs and read Toto Washlet buyer reviews. So, whichever Toto Toilet model you ultimately decide on, you’ll be happy with your choice.

Are Toto Toilets electrically powered?

Undoubtedly, Toto Washlets or bidet toilets need the power to work. The Toto Toilet pump that comes with your buy provides for this.

Remember that for the Toto Washlet to offer you all of its wonderful features, there must be an outlet close and electricity running to it.


Toilets made by Toto are a modern invention for our typical houses.

In contrast to regular toilets, Toto Washlet has a bidet that cleans our genitalia and aids in waste removal, so we don’t need toilet paper in them.

However, the build-up of waste materials in the restricted spaces of the toilets could result in the spread of diseases. The goal is to always have a clean Toto Toilet.

You must understand how to have a clean Toto Toilet. A modern innovation in our common houses is Toto Washlets. They have warm seats too.

Your careful attention is required for Toto’s Toilet cleaning and upkeep. The Toto Washlets sputter water over the pan. It is very easy to clean the Toto Toilet.

If you wait for a long time, the dirt and waste may build up and harden, which will take more work and time. This cleaning and maintenance guide should help keep Toto toilets clear of germs.

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