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Welcome to House Cleaning How Tos, your new go-to spot for everything clean and tidy. We're all about making house cleaning simple and fun, offering you easy-to-follow tips, essential resources, and honest product recommendations. Whether you're tackling daily messes or major clean-ups, we've got your back. Join our community and transform your cleaning routine into a breeze. Let's roll up our sleeves, make our homes sparkle, and enjoy the cozy, clean spaces we deserve!


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Meet Your Cleaning Guide

I wouldn't actually call myself a cleaning guide – I'm just a girl who has a lot of experience cleaning her home! I'm a mother, a wife, and do some freelance writing here and there as a side hustle. We live in the New England area. And with a house full of 3 kiddos and 2 dogs, I've done my fair share of tidying up. I started this blog a few years ago with just a few random objects and my experience cleaning them, and have continued adding to it over time! I really do hope it's helpful to you.