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Keeping Your Home Clean, Organized, and Up-to-Date

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Keeping Your Home Clean is a Science. Here’s the Formula:

The Right Method

Lets start with three golden house cleaning tips that will save you countless hours and hassles:

  1. Start from the top and clean to the bottom.
  2. Start by cleaning whatever is dirtiest.
  3. Start dry cleaning and end, only if necessary, with wet cleaning.

Of course there’s much more. Especially when it comes to cleaning particular surfaces, areas and objects. But just try applying these three golden house cleaning tips to your next cleaning project and see if they don’t save you a lot of time and energy.

The Right Cleaning Supplies

The past few years have brought many advances in cleaning equipment and supplies. I’m not talking about the bottles of chemicals that are marketed in ever increasingly attractive packaging. Most of these you should never have bought, and the best place for them now is in the garbage can.

What does work are tools like electro static dusters, microfiber cleaning cloths and home steam cleaners. These are real advances in cleaning technology. Ones that will free you from exposure to industrial chemicals and save you heaps of time as well. Your house will be cleaner and you will be healthier with these wonderful cleaning tools.

A Bit of Organization

Until recently, I managed to keep my house clean. I always felt a step behind and heaven forbid if company was in sight, because I had a heck of a lot of cleaning to get to.

Until recently, I was frazzled by housework.

So what has changed? Why would I be proud if you just happened by for a visit right at this moment even though I haven’t done a lick of housework today? I finally figured out how to organize my cleaning efforts. You can too! It really isn’t difficult, and learning this one skill will save you countless hours.