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spray bottle holder thumbnail Spray Bottle Holder

Put some order into your cleaning closet, pantry, or garage with a spray bottle holder. There are several models to choose from including racks, caddies, and single bottle holders. Say goodbye to lost and spilled cleaners forever.

glass spray bottles thumbnail Glass Spray Bottles

Using a non-reactive glass bottle to hold your homemade cleaning formulas can be a good idea, especially if you are sensitive to unwanted smells that plastic can add. Find out about the different colors of glass and their uses.

House Cleaning Gloves house cleaning gloves

The right house cleaning gloves will not only save your hands and nails from unwanted attack, but they can also help you perform many household tasks with greater efficiency. Choose from heavy-duty, disposable, microfiber, latex, and more.

Unused Drug Disposal unused drug disposal thumbnail

At least once a year you should undertake to clean out your medicine cabinet and drawers. Almost all medication comes with an expiration date which needs to be respected. Learn how to correctly dispose of unused medication and keep your home and environment safe and healthy.

Best Way to Clean Windows best way to clean windows thumbnail

Wondering what is the best way to clean windows . . .
Paper towels and blue window cleaner?
Vinegar and newspaper?
A squeegee and some magic cleaning formula?

Cleaning with Bleach cleaning with bleach thumbnail

Bleach simply refers to a product that lightens the color of things through the action of oxidation. However, most people when they refer to cleaning with bleach are thinking of household-strength chlorine bleach, a solution of sodium hypochlorite manufactured from chlorine.

How to Get Rid of Ants how to get rid of ants thumbnail

My mom had been staying with us for a few days and I was really happy to have an adjoining apartment where she could stay. Right next door to us, but separate so she felt she had her own space. I really think she got to relax instead of feeling like she was encroaching on us.

Sticky Lint Roller sticky lint roller thumbnail

We have a very nice kitty living with us – Monsieur Pablo. He is quite a tidy cat and keeps his fur very clean. After all, that’s what he does – he eats his kibble and licks his paws. Oh and he sleeps a lot as well.


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I'm a mom of 3 and spend a good chunk of my time cleaning and organizing our crazy home. My goal is to help people keep their homes tidy in a way that saves them time and money! I hope the resources on this site are a help to you and your family.

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