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monsieur pablo at work

Monsieur Pablo at Work

We have a very nice kitty living with us – Monsieur Pablo. He is quite a tidy cat and keeps his fur very clean. After all, that’s what he does – he eats his kibble and licks his paws. Oh and he sleeps a lot as well.

Lately, he has taken to sleeping on our giant black bean bag. Now part of Pablo is white and boy does that fur start to show up on the black bean bag. There is actually a little halo that appears just where he likes to cozy up.

The other day my son was charged with getting the fur off of the bean bag. He brought out the vacuum cleaner and set it to work. After a few minutes, I heard him grumbling in frustration because of course the vacuum cleaner wasn’t getting the job done. I knew it wouldn’t, but I wanted him to find that out.

So Mom the house cleaning genius, suggested he use a damp microfiber cloth and rub the bag beans down. Well, this worked somewhat better, but there was still a lot of fur hanging about. We considered removing the cover to wash it, but we soon discovered that there was no lining in our bag. When we unzipped it, we saw the beans . . .

Yikes! We zipped that back up quickly. Looked like a mess I didn’t want to deal with.

. . . That’s when I remembered my sticky roller. I bought this to use for cleaning lint from clothing and it does a great job. The fact that it is shaped just like a paint roller, makes it very easy to move across just about any surface. The roller part is equipped with many layers of sticky paper. Once a layer has things stuck all over it and is no longer sticky, you remove it and reveal a fresh sticky surface.

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This worked fabulously on the bean bag. Because we had been neglecting the bag for a bit too long, my son used probably twenty roller sheets to get it clean. But I just did a maintenance roll on it today and the lint roller cleaned up two weeks of cat fur with just four sheets in about two minutes. In my book, it does a perfect job.

So if you have a dog friend like a German Shepherd or a cat friend, I highly recommend equipping yourself with a sticky lint roller. Use it weekly to keep the furniture fur-free. Or give the living room a quick swipe before guests arrive and Aunt Beatrice won’t come up with a furry backside after sitting in the cat’s favorite chair.

By the way, when you put the lint roller away, it’s best to leave it with stuff stuck on it. That way the roller doesn’t stick to whatever is in your cleaning closet.

sticky lint roller on bean bag

The Intrepid Pet Fur Dompter

sticky lint roller charged with fur

Fully Charged with Fur
(You can’t see the white fur but it’s there too!)

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