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Wondering what is the best way to clean windows?

Paper towels and blue window cleaner?

Vinegar and newspaper?

A squeegee and some magic cleaning formula?

For Amateurs, This is Even Better Than a Squeegee

OK, I’m not a professional window cleaner but I have thoroughly tested this and I tell you it works every time. Windows come out spotless, and streak-free, and you don’t have to do any training like with the squeegee. Heck, you can get your kids to do it!

best way to clean windows

What You’ll Need:

  • One bucket of homemade window cleaner (here’s that recipe again: homemade window cleaner)
  • Several clean and dry microfiber cloths. You can buy microfiber cloths that are made specifically for window cleaning, but average, run of the mill, microfiber has given me good results. If you haven’t discovered the joys of cleaning with microfiber, you’ll be amazed at how they work.

Wonder Cloths

SINLAND Microfiber Glass
Polishing clothes Thick Lint


Step 1 – Wash. Dip one of the clean cloths in the solution and wring it out a bit. Thoroughly wash the entire surface of the window. You may need to rub a bit at anything that is really caked on. Use as much of your cleaning solution as you need to get rid of all the grime. You may need to use two cloths to get the job done correctly if your windows are really grimy, just be sure you have completely cleaned them before proceeding with drying.

Step 2 – Dry. Once you have completely cleaned the windows and they are still wet, take a dry and clean microfiber cloth and thoroughly wipe down the entire surface until no drop of water remains. You don’t need to worry about how you do the wiping (circles, rows, columns) – anything works with a microfiber cloth . . . you just have to get the window completely dry with the cloth. If you leave some water on the window, this will dry into spots or streaks.

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You should now have a completely streak-free, spotless window. You can go back and look at it when the sun is shining through, but I still don’t think you’ll see any streaks.

Now that you know the best way to clean windows, if need more information, please have a look at our useful window cleaning tips or learn how to clean windows with a squeegee if you want to give the professional route a try.


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