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Recently, more and more people are trying to equip their homes with hot tubs. This is the perfect solution to unwind after a hard day at work. However, the hot tub needs to be cleaned periodically. So let’s find out about how to clean a hot tub with vinegar in this article.

how to clean hot tub with vinegar

Why is it necessary to clean your hot tub?

Before proceeding with the study of this question, of how to clean a hot tub with vinegar, you should familiarize yourself with the need to use vinegar to clean a hot tub.

Vinegar is considered a natural cleaner for cleaning Jacuzzi.

This hot tub cleaner helps safely and quickly remove dirt and bacteria accumulated on the hot tub’s surface. At the same time, the product does not harm the environment because it does not contain aggressive chemicals and toxins.

Required type of detergent

Hot tub maintenance is required frequent and efficient. This ensures your safety, as well as the safety of the coating. Therefore, the question often arises, what kind of vinegar can be used to clean a hot tub? The complexity of the choice is explained by the fact that there is a large assortment of cleaning products for hot tubs on sale.

Once you know it’s time to clean, you’ll need to choose the right vinegar. White distilled vinegar works best. It contains 5% acids. The main constituent of white distilled vinegar is acetic acid.

Therefore, distilled white vinegar has a specific aroma and taste. Acetic acid is also found in other types of products that you can find at your local grocery store. Therefore, the Jacuzzi cleaner, despite the absence of harsh chemicals, helps to remove any dirt, including stubborn stains.

Vinegar does not stain the surface of the hot tub. This is the main difference between balsamic and red vinegar. This is a significant parameter that you should pay attention to if you plan to clean hot tubs. White vinegar has one important disadvantage.

It consists of the presence of an unpleasant and pungent odor. Once the hot tub has been cleared, the room needs to be ventilated. This helps dissipate the odor. To minimize the pungent odor while cleaning the Jacuzzi, you can add some essential oils to the cleaning solution.

Hot tub clean frequency

Hot tub maintenance should be frequent and regular. You need to understand that the frequency of the cleaning process depends on how actively you use the Jacuzzi. However, remember to clean a hot tub at regular intervals, regardless of usage.

You should inspect the body of the hot tub every 2-3 days to notice signs of a change in shade or stain in time. It is extremely essential to keep the pH readings at the correct level. After all, hot tub water can change pH values. For work, it is better to use special test strips.

Considering water can provoke a raid from chlorine, carefully monitor the indicators. This guarantees safety for your skin.

The hot tub filters should be cleaned every month.

If the hot tub filters become dirty, harmful chemicals accumulate in them. Therefore, the Jacuzzi becomes dirty, which is dangerous for the bath itself and you. The hot tub cover should also be cleaned every month.

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If you only run Jacuzzis 1-2 times a month, consider cleaning your hot tub every six months. This allows you to use a clean hot tub, which is safe for your skin and health.

Preparatory stages

The walls and bottom of the Jacuzzi need to be cleaned with a brush. This helps loosen the dirt, so it is much easier to clean your hot tub later on. Remember that you need to wear protective gloves so that the hot tub cleaner does not irritate the skin.

How to clean a hot tub: main instructions

Cleaning your hot tub with white vinegar is quite simple. The tool contributes to the destruction of rust, as well as deposits from hard water. The classic white vinegar found in the kitchen has a medium pH. The scores can range from 2 to 4.

This suggests that the cleaning solution is very effective and will clear your hot tub fairly quickly. It can be used to clean nozzles and filters. And the material retains its integrity.

There is a wide range of cleaning solutions on the market that you can use to clean your hot tub. If you combine all the components correctly, you can remove dirt from any Jacuzzi, regardless of the material.

What about acrylic type?

Recently, Jacuzzis made of acrylic have begun to be in great demand. They have a wide variety of shapes, so they can meet the needs of each client. You can use a ready-made cleaning solution, or you can prepare an effective solution based on white vinegar.

To clean your hot tub, you should prepare several tools, which we are sure you have at home. Let’s get to work on cleaning your favorite place for relaxation and comfort. At first, it makes sense to clean up the lines.

If dirty deposits remain on the surface, the water appears cloudy. This reduces the pressure of the water flow. Flushing lines is carried out using a special cleaning solution, which is available in almost all stores.

You can also remove debris from the lines by using a cleaning solution of warm water and white vinegar. Once the piping has been cleaned, turn off the power to the Jacuzzi. This prevents an accident.

If the engine is started when the water level is low, the engine may be damaged.

You need to mix equal parts water and white vinegar. For ease of use, the cleaning solution is poured into a spray bottle. Everything needs to be mixed well. Apply the product to small areas of the Jacuzzi with the help of a spray bottle, and leave for a quarter of an hour. Using a sponge or soft cloth, wipe everything thoroughly, paying attention to the bottom.

You need to make sure the Jacuzzi is clean. If there were persistent stains on the surface, then you can additionally make a paste based on baking soda and white vinegar. The combination with baking soda starts the reaction, which quickly removes stubborn stains.

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Pollution is washed away thanks to water pressure from a garden hose. Wipe everything with a dry, soft cloth to make sure it is sparkling clean. If there is no baking soda at home, you can use lemon juice. It also helps keep the hot tub clean.

Actions with hot tub jet

The most significant amount of pollution accumulates on the jets of hot tubs. This is where detergent residues accumulate. Hot tub jets should be cleaned regularly. This prevents the accumulation of bacteria on the surface. The hot tub cover is easy to clean with special hot tub cleaners that remove soap scum.

This is done with white vinegar. Making your cleaning agent is pretty easy. To do this, mix 5 cups of vinegar with hot water in equal proportions. You have to work with a toothbrush.

First, you need to fill the Jacuzzi with water so that it covers the jets. Then add white vinegar, and start the nozzles for a quarter of an hour. This allows them to pass the vinegar through themselves. After half an hour, you will need to restart the jets for another quarter of an hour.

Using a toothbrush or sponge, you have to clean your hot tub of dirt. Only after that, it is possible to drain the water. Fill the Jacuzzi with water to cover the jets again. Run them for a few minutes to make sure any hot tub cleaners are removed. Finally, wipe down all surfaces.

How to clean filters?

Almost all hot tubs are supplemented with filters in the form of cartridges. Debris and bacteria can accumulate inside. Once the filters are clogged, they won’t be able to do their job effectively. You need to remove the filters from the hot tub and rinse them for several hours. After they can be installed in their original place.

It’s best to have spare hot tub filters with you. This allows you to replace the filter and use the hot tub while the old filters are being cleaned. Cleaning the filters with vinegar should be done regularly. It is better to do everything manually because the dishwasher can damage the structure.

Preparing a cleaning solution is quite simple. To do this, mix white vinegar and warm water in equal proportions. Prepare the solution in a large bucket. Soak the filters in the prepared mixture and leave them in the vinegar solution for 2-3 hours. Then rinse them under the pressure of water.

The hot tub water must be clear. Once you’ve finished cleaning the jets, filters, and hot tub shell, you’ll need to collect clean, fresh water. Some housewives prefer to use chlorine bleach. However, this is not the best idea.

White vinegar, despite the absence of disinfectants, is characterized by high levels of alkalinity and acidity. Therefore, it is a safe replacement for chlorine bleach. And you can clean a hot tub shell and make it skin-friendly.

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You also take care of cleaning the pipes for the Jacuzzi. To do this, they need to be removed from those places where possible. Be sure to remove the hot tub pipes as instructed so as not to damage the equipment. The elements have to be rinsed under running water.

If there are heavily polluted places, then you have to deal with cleaning with a long wire, on which you should wrap gauze. This ensures that the hot tub is clean and safe. The procedure must be carried out twice a year. Remember that during cleaning, it is better to refuse harsh chemicals with bleach.

Pollution prevention

As you know, cleaning a hot tub is an indicator of safety. It is always must be clean. For prevention purposes, it is necessary to abandon the use of gels and lotions that contain oils.

Due to their accumulation, a film forms on the surface, which will change the shade of the hot tub shell.

The hot tub needs to be filled with water and disinfectant every month. You can use a small concentration of chlorine, as well as a special cleaner if you clean your hot tub. Just 50 ml is enough. You can work while disinfecting the hot tub using vinegar.

You can use white or apple cider vinegar. Every 10-12 months, you need to treat the Jacuzzi with vinegar, without using water. Leave it for 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

In order not to have to constantly work when you clean your hot tub with vinegar, remember to remove soap scum after each wash. This prevents stains. As you know, it is because of the soap suds that yellowish spots form.

Treating the Jacuzzi with vinegar helps to remove calcium and lime from the surface of the tub. To do this, table or apple cider vinegar is poured into a hot tub and left overnight. The surface should be rinsed in the morning and wiped dry.



When it comes to cleaning a hot tub with vinegar, there are some questions.

Is vinegar good for cleaning the hot tub?

This is the best tool because it does not contain aggressive chemicals. Despite this, it cleans and disinfects the surface. Differs in safety for the person.

What is the best thing to clean the inside of a hot tub?

It can be cleaned with a vinegar solution. Harsh chemicals can leave suds.

Can you clean hot tub jets with vinegar?

If you need to clean your Jacuzzi jets, pour a vinegar solution in the warm water after bathing, and start the jets. After 15 minutes, they need to be cleaned.

How much vinegar do you use to clean a Jacuzzi tub?

Half a glass of vinegar will be enough for one hot tub.

Find more useful cleaning with vinegar.


As you can see, cleaning a hot tub with vinegar is pretty easy. The process does not take much time and effort.

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