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how to clean a bathroom

Learning how to clean a bathroom correctly may not give you much to talk about over dinner, but it will surely make your housework easier. Try this cleaning routine and get the job done better and faster.

The key to efficient bathroom cleaning is to do it frequently. It will take you less time overall and you will never need to do a big cleaning. It doesn’t matter if you have one or five people using the same bathroom, the cleaning time won’t change much.

How to Clean a Bathroom the Easy Way

Hint: In each step of the process, just concentrate on the step. Don’t get distracted by other things you might see that need to be done. Not letting yourself get distracted is one of the keys to effective house cleaning.

1. Pick up all dirty clothes and put them in the clothes hamper.

2. Hang up any wet towels. Don’t put them in the hamper unless you are planning on washing them in the next few hours.

3. Quickly arrange any clutter in its designated place. If you’ve taken to heart decluttering, you should have a virtually empty countertop and shower. Remember empty spaces are quickly cleaned. put it away

Actually, I hope you don’t have to do any of these first three steps. Each family member should be taking care of these things immediately as they happen.

4. Open the windows wide and turn on any ventilation system.

5. Put on your gloves and get out your one general-purpose cleaner. Ideally, this is a homemade cleaner, but at least use something environmentally friendly. It should be something that requires no rinsing, only wiping with a damp cloth. Spray the sink, faucet, countertop, all parts of the toilet, shower walls and door, tub, shower faucet, shower head, doorknob, light switch (go easy here), and the corners and edges of the floor (where dust and hair will accumulate).

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6. Depending on how dirty things are, you might want to let the cleaner sit a bit, or you can just keep going.

7. Rinse a clean microfiber cloth Bathroom Cleaning Tips that you have designated for bathroom cleaning in hot water and wring it out. Wipe down wherever you have sprayed, rinsing the cloth frequently in hot water and wringing it out. I like to end with the floor because this is usually the only place I pick up hair and crumbs, which can end up sticking to the cloth. Give the cloth a final rinse and then the sink a final wipe so that it is nearly dry. We’re almost done!

8. Spray the mirrors with window cleaner, and use a dry microfiber window cloth to wipe them clean.

9. Either immediately wash your cleaning cloth or hang it someplace where it can dry until you do wash it. Put away your cleaners and gloves in a convenient location so you can grab them quickly tomorrow. You’re done!

Notice that we just cleaned the edges of the bathroom floor? The remainder of the floor can be vacuumed and cleaned whenever you do the floors in the rest of the house. Alternatively, if you have a small bathroom floor, you can just wipe it up as the final step in your quick how-to-clean bathroom routine.

Who would have thought how to clean a bathroom was so simple? If you do this nearly every day, you can keep your bathroom clean with just microfiber cleaning cloths and one cleaning solution.

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Using a Steam Cleaner

Once a week, I “buzz” my bathroom with a home steam cleaner. The first time I did this, I found a lot of slimy grime, particularly in the plumbing joints on the faucets. I’m no longer “rewarded” with any impressive slime, but the steam cleaner insures that all nooks and crannies in my bathroom are spotless.

A steam cleaner works on all parts of the toilet (you may be disgusted to find out what’s lurking in the hardware that fixes the seat to the toilet), in the groove for the shower door, on all parts of the faucets, and anywhere in your bathroom you may be thinking of using a toothbrush to clean. It literally cleans things in seconds – you just have to wipe up whatever it dislodges and the job is done!

In my opinion, no account of how to clean a bathroom would be complete without mentioning the virtues of a steam cleaner.


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