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If you are looking for a wicker laundry hamper you will find a large selection of hampers to choose from, including round, rectangular, divided, and a variety of colors. Look for a style and shape that fit your laundry space. Keeping your dirty laundry hidden in a hamper can transform a messy-looking room into a harmonious and attractive area.

Greenstell Laundry Hamper with Lid

BirdRock Home Abaca Laundry Hamper with Liner

SONGMICS Handwoven Laundry Hamper

Goodpick Tall Laundry Hamper

Wicker Clothes Hamper Features

  • Lining – A removable, washable lining will make your wicker laundry hamper easy to keep clean and fresh
  • Handles – These will help you if you need to carry the hamper from one room to the next
  • Collapsing -Some of these models are collapsible, which may be a feature you are looking for. The disadvantage is that they are more likely to bow out as they are filled.
  • Weave -A tighter weave will mean a product that is sturdier and will probably last longer, but it has the disadvantage of trapping moisture and making mold and mildew more likely (but you’re not putting wet things in your hamper anyway, right?)
  • Shape – Consider where you will be keeping the hamper and make sure that the shape you select will fit in the area you’ve designated.
  • Divided – Some hampers come with three compartments so that you can sort your laundry as you fill the hamper. (Given my family, I find this a laughable idea, but you may find this a useful feature.)
  • Size – If you only do laundry for yourself, or maybe want to keep a hamper in each bedroom, you might like a smaller size. Otherwise, a bigger volume will be needed. Look carefully at the dimensions and consider your needs.
  • Color – Although most wicker products tend toward natural brown hues, there are some that come in a variety of colors, allowing you to coordinate with your particular decorating scheme.
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Nylon Laundry Bag



Woven Basket

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Pop Up Hamper

Section Laundry Sorter


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