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Here are a number of shoe organizers and a few tips that can help you keep this part of your life neat and tidy.

Mom, where are my shoes???

4-Tier Shoe Rack
Having a shoe rack like this one in the entryway can help keep your whole house clean.

Hanging Shoe Shelves Closet Organizer
Slips on your closet rod with velcro clips. You can use it to store small purses as well as shoes.

Over The Door Shoe Organizer
No reason to limit your use of this to shoes. Get creative and use it for crafts supplies, or whatever you want to keep in view and ready to use.

Metal Four-Tier Adjustable Revolving Shoe Rack
This is a very solid shoe tree that makes finding your shoes easy and pleasurable.

Under Bed Shoe Storage Organizer
This organizer rolls easily in and out from under the bed.

Clear Plastic Stackable Shoe Organizer Bins
An oversized shoe box will fit even your hiking boots!

Start Here

As with any aspect of home organization, keeping your shoes orderly and clean all begins with decluttering. Go through your shoes and get rid of whatever you’re not going to use. This might be painful because shoes are expensive, but who are you kidding? You’re never going to wear those shoes that are two sizes too small again and you know it. So toss them, or if they are in good shape, put them in your giveaway box (which should be regularly emptied).

Shoe Racks

Placing a shoe rack near the entryway of your house is a good way to keep things clean, especially if you have a lot of kids in and out of the house. It’s pretty easy to train them (and their friends) to slip off their dirty shoes each time they enter the house and sometimes they may even get them up on the rack. An entryway rack is also a good place to store shoes before you’ve had a chance to clean them. Dirty shoes really have no place in your closet any more than dirty clothes do.

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If you do use a shoe rack in the entryway, be sure to purge it regularly. If there’s a pair of sneakers that have been sitting there for more than a week, it’s time to clean them and put them away out of view. Save the entryway rack for shoes you’re in and out of regularly.

Some shoe racks can expand laterally, so you can fit them into the space you have available. Other racks are stackable so you can add more layers as your collection grows.

Hanging Shoe Organizers

Another popular option is a hanging organizer. It can be fitted onto a closet rod and stores a lot of shoes and other items as well.

Maybe your closet is already overflowing and you have no space left for a shoe rack or a hanging shoe bag? Please go back to the beginning and apply to declutter to your whole closet, but in the meantime . . .

Try an over the door organizer. These make great organizers for more than just shoes. Those in clear plastic allow you to see the content of each pocket so you can quickly take inventory. I wouldn’t recommend it for a bedroom door, but these shoe organizers could find their place on a closet door or in the laundry room.

Revolving Tree Organizer

If you have a walk-in closet, a revolving shoe tree may be just the thing for you. These put a lot of shoes on display where you can easily see your collection.

Other Shoe Organizers

I’m not a big fan of storing anything underneath the bed, but some of you might find under-bed shoe organizers to be a good use of space. Some of these roll in and out from underneath the bed for easy access.

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Clear shoe boxes are a practical way to store and protect your shoes. You can stack these as you wish and since they are transparent you don’t have to go searching through all your boxes for a particular pair.

Finally, for those of you who can afford to indulge your most extremely neat freak inner self, there are actual shoe cabinets whose sole purpose is to coddle and protect your treasured footwear.

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