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Discover how to clean an unfinished wood floor shine to maintain your floor examining its finest. More and more humans are selecting unfinished wood flooring for their houses. Unfinished wood flooring is attractive, and ecological, and provides your house a nice sense of.

Yet, untreated wood floors are above exposed to hurt than processed wood floors and may be more readily dyed, soak fluid, and are exposed to bacteria and mildew. This suggests that these unfinished wood floor planks should be attentively groomed to maintain them gorgeous and your family wholesome.

In this post, we will debate how you may bring care of your unfinished flooring to maintain it in a fine state.

how to clean an unfinished wood floor

What is a raw wood floor?

The major distinction between untreated and finished wood flooring is that, in contradistinction to finished wood flooring, unfinished wood flooring is not hermetic, colored, or laminated, nor is it purified of all-native oils.

Besides, unfinished wood floors are typically constructed from conifers such as pine-tree, and cedar, though you may get unfinished wood floors.

Though unfinished wooden floors are above exposed to hurt than unfinished hardwood floors, they are too considerably inexpensive, creating them an appealing option for those on a budget.

Unfinished wooden floors likewise may be in the most diverse of natural blooms, creating it leisurely to combine them with your actual formalization.

The best way to clean an unfinished wood floor

Here are 8 ways you may utilize when preening unfinished wooden floors.

Vinegar and hot water

Because vinegar and ardent water are cheap, native, and secure for domestic animals and kids, it’s a wonderful cleanser for unfinished wood floors. Hot water disbands any dirt or debris attached to the floor, while vinegar sanitizes and cleanses it.

Begin, you ought to prepare a cleaning solution. Run 1 glass of white vinegar into a pure, null pail. Load the pail with a gallon of fervent or warm water. As long as you adhere to this balance, you may manufacture a more or small cleaning solution as required.

Cleanse the unfinished floors in a round motion, attempting to reach into all the niches and crevices. Allow the wooden floor to parch thoroughly before stepping on it.

Remove loose dirt and debris

So far as friable dust and dirt may scrape your gorgeous hardwood floor, you’ll desire to maintain your wooden floor as clean as feasible.

The finest method to do this is to broom the floor with a pure straw besom and wipe it off with a dustpan. You may continue by running over the floor with a pure dust mop to empty the dust and dirt abandoned by the besom.

Information: If you operate a spray bottle to slightly wet the dust mop with water, you can lead to the remaining doughy dust sticking to the dust mop, leaving more dust on the floor.

Use Murphy’s oil soap

Murphy’s Oil Soap it’s a universal cleaning fund that is secure to utilize on unfinished wood floors.

It allows raise trash and mud from the floor and disinfects wood.

This soft cleaner is secure on all kinds of flooring, including all finished wood floors and unfinished wood floors. This is a secure variant for those who desire a non-toxic decision.

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Begin by supplementing 4 caps of Murphy’s oil soap to a one-quart pail charged with warm water. Then supplement 8 ounces of white vinegar to the pail before mopping.

This is a wonderful cleaner for anyone who desires to utilize universal cleaning funds for raw wood floors.

Murphy’s oil soap and white vinegar create a potent mix when it arrives at serious-cleaning unfinished wood floors! Oil soap aids empty mud from the floor while vinegar sanitizes.

This solute may go a little membrane on the floor, but this may be readily pulled with a wet tissue. You get clean unfinished wood floors.

Remove any unsightly or unwanted stains

What you will require:

  • Trisodium phosphate.
  • Cushy bristle scrub or microfiber material.

As untreated floors absorb moisture nicely, they may be effortlessly stained. That’s why, before you disinfect it, you ought to bring a little time to pull these spots and patch the unfinished floors correctly. To pull spots from the untreated wood floor, run a little quantity of trisodium phosphate over the spots. Utilize a gentle-bristle scrub to neatly clean up the place.

Although the usage of water is other extremely not recommended, at this point, you must flush the spot with a pail of water as shortly as the spot is cleared. Behind that, instantly pat the humid place with an arid textile, absorbing as considerable water as feasible.

Strive your finest to gather each blob of water and not depart it abaft, as this will deform the wood and ultimately obliterate it.

White Spirit

White spirits are widespread with clean unfinished wood floors. It may be employed to pull dirt and debris from the floor, as well as to sanitize it. This may aid empty mildew, mud, and oil spots.

Be certain to circulate the home as well as feasible before utilizing mineral spirits. If likely, depend on ventilators and turn up casements and doors. Hold other humans, particularly kids, and domestic animals out of where you operate.

To start, pour or spray bottle a little numeral of mineral spirits onto a pure textile or straight onto the floor.

Stay 5 minutes for the solute to bathe in the soiled place.

Dab off the spray, as well as any dirt or debris that has been raised from the floor, with a pure textile. Rinse place thoroughly with pure water and dehydrate with a towel.

Clean unfinished wood floors

To clean unfinished wood floors, do not utilize any floor-cleaning funds. You must employ a floor purifier that is soft and secure for your floor.

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Recognize that when cleaning such a floor with water, you ought to utilize a damp mop or rag, not a watery one.

Stain removal with TSP

TSP is a household cleaner that can be found at any hardware store. This is ideal for cleaning unfinished wood floors for those with stubborn or concentrated stains on untreated wood floors.

It is secure to utilize on unfinished wood floors and is useful in withdrawing multiple kinds of spots. It may withdraw hardened spots generated by mold, mildew, and fat. Learn more about fighting white mold in attic, for example here.

You will require a pail of hot water, dishwashing liquid, TSP cleanser, and an abrasive brush or sponge. You must likewise carry gloves as these funds may boil your skin.

Begin combining TSP and dawn dish soap in a pail served with hot water. You will utilize 1/4 glass TSP per gallon of aqua. Be certain to agitation the mix energetically so that the TSP is fully disbanded.

Then drop a sponge or brush into the cleaning solution and utilize it to neatly withdraw any spots from the floor. Be certain to dab off any leftover water after you’ve caught up on scouring each surface of the room.

Be mindful not to vacate pools of water on the floor, as they may harm or bleach the unfinished wood floor. When ended harvesting, wash out the processed place with pure water.

This process is secure for all kinds of unfinished wood and laminate floors.

Dawn dishwashing liquid with water

The protect unfinished wood floor, you may be used soft soap, for example, Dawn dish soap cleanser. Mud, fat, and further trash may be terminated from the floor with a soap solute.

The plan is to utilize a little part of soap in regard to the quantity of water employed and bypass utilizing too greatly water on floors. This will rescue the unfinished floors from extreme moistening and ruin.

In a pail, combine 1 or 2 tablespoons of Dawn dishwashing resources with 1 gallon of water to wash floors.

Clear any mud, fat, or trash from the hardwood floor with a purge sponge or brush immersed in the solute.

When you have accomplished the cleanup, be certain to flush the processed place with pure water and dried it instantly. This process is secure for all kinds of unfinished wood floors. Also, don’t forget about air purification. Read more about nature fresh air purifier.


How do you clean unsealed wood floors?

Treating your floor with natural oil, such as linseed oil or jojoba oil, once a month can help remove residue from the surface and keep the floor clean.

How do you clean raw unfinished wood?

Smoke or chemical sponge. Also known as “dry or soot sponges”, these vulcanized rubber sponges with a small amount of detergent added can effectively pick up dirt from bare unsealed wood surfaces. The sponge is gently pressed or rolled to the surface.

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What is a good cleaner for unfinished wood?

White spirit is a kind of solvent that artists often use to clean their old brushes. Dampen a towel with the solution and gently wipe the surface of the untreated wood. Be sure to wear gloves when handling mineral spirits and avoid direct inhalation of vapors.

Can you use Murphys Oil soap on unfinished wood?

Murphy’s Oil Soap is an all-purpose cleaner that is safe to use on unfinished wood floors. It helps lift dirt and debris from the floor and sanitizes and sanitizes wood. This mild cleaner is safe on all types of flooring, including all finished and unfinished wood floors.

How do you clean unfinished wood floors before staining?

Vinegar and aqua. Use 1 glass of vinegar on a gallon of hot water, and then utilize a sponge or mop to wipe the floor in a round movement, washing a little place at a time. Then dried it directly with pure microfibre tissue.

How do you clean unfinished plywood floors?

Vinegar and hot water are great solutions for cleaning unfinished wood floors because they are affordable, natural, and safe for pets and children. Hot water helps dissolve dirt or debris that may be stuck to the floor, while vinegar helps to disinfect and clean floors.

Final thoughts

These are some of the best tips for cleaning raw wood, but there are other alternatives available, such as Murphy’s oil soap or olive oil. If you have incredibly stubborn stains that just won’t come out, you may need to consider sanding the stains.

If you don’t know how to handle a sander and the job can’t be done efficiently or neatly with sandpaper, it’s probably in your best interest to hire a professional to take care of it for you.

In any case, when you’re trying something new to clean unfinished wood floors, make sure you can safely clean whatever cleaners you choose. You can do this by testing a small area of the floor, using a white rag to soak up some of the chemicals and see how the wood handles it.

Caring for an unfinished floor is a much more tedious job than caring for other types of floors. However, the result is always worth it if you work hard on it. Even if you intend to one day treat and polish your unsealed hardwood floors, ideally you should try to give them a thorough cleaning at least once every two months.

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