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The right desktop organizer can go a long way in your organizational efforts. One of the keys to having an organized home office is giving everything a place and your desk is a great place to get started.

Think of what you would like to keep right on hand when choosing an organizer. If you do not use an object every time you sit in your office chair, you needn’t keep it on your desktop. This only adds to a cluttered, untidy appearance. Instead, choose another way to organize occasionally used objects, perhaps in a desk drawer organizer.

Multipurpose Organizers

Here are some durable, attractive, and inexpensive ways to keep your desktop neat and tidy.

Metal Mesh

Wood Desk
Top Organizer


Paper Organizers

If you work with a lot of different papers, you’ll need a good way to keep them separated and in order. Note that these are not recommended for filing, your files belong out of sight and probably under lock and key.

Desk Document File
Tray Organizer

5 Tier
Vertical Hanging

Officemate Recycled
Desk Tray

Desktop Stationary Storage Organizers

If you are a creative person who also uses pencils and pens, it’s great that there are also interesting slots for organizing them.

Pen Organizer
for Desk

Pen Organizer Storage
for Office

Plastic Organization
Rack Pencil

Make-up Organizers

Also, if you follow fashion trends in the world of make-up and are the owner of a wide variety of cosmetics and brushes, most likely you may need a desktop version of the make-up organizer.

Make Up &
Jewelry Storage

Organize Cosmetics

Makeup Organizer
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